Friday, April 01, 2005

RE: Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger build declared gold master

Apple Insider:
According to sources, Apple earlier today declared build 8A428 of Tiger 'gold master,' the final development stage. Companies typically release the 'GM' candidate to manfuacturing for duplication and packaging.

Earlier this week, Apple release a "FC" (final candidate) build to developers and other partners to test the operating system for any last minute "showstoppers." The build reportedly still had a few outstanding issues, but those were not expected to delay Tiger's release.
Heh. Yeah, why would a few outstanding issues ever delay an Apple software release? They'll just continually patch Tiger for the next 18 months anyway. Does this bother anyone else? Nah.
[Via Paul Thurrott's Internet Nexus] It doesn't bother anyone because all software ships with known issues, it just depends on the issue severity. Apple releases timely updates (2-3 month cycles) to fix outstanding issues, how is that bad? I guess the new MS model where they don't release service packs for years after a gold master of their operating systems, like Win2K3 SP1 (only 2 years since gold RTM), is a better model.