Friday, April 29, 2005

Mac OS X on x86/x64 rumor

MacDailyNews (MDN) has linked to this Paul Thurrott post. Paul mentions again, like he did earlier in the week about the rumor that Apple Mac OS X is running in Intel's labs right now on x86 (probably also on x64, big chunk of Tiger is 64-bit). MDN suggest the conspiracy that this might be part of a Wintel FUD campaign to keep its sheep on the platform, because if they had wandering eyes for Mac OS X, don't worry, it might just come out for your current hardware. MDN says just get a Mac, and I agree, stop waiting for your computing life to improve through vague MS promises and even shadier rumors. Seize control of the digital lifesytle by getting a Mac today with OS X 10.4 Tiger. If Apple eventually does move ahead with x64 (clearly the future, if they are going to the Intel/AMD camp, its not for 32-bit CPUs), it won't be the DIY junkyard that Wintel is now. Apple will still tightly control the supply chain and which parts you could put in your x64 based box. They might even OEM with some companies, HP and Sony come to mind, but its not like a Wal-mart brand PC running OS X is going to happen. If Apple does eventually go x64, it will be real interesting to see if Windows apps just run on Mac OS X. If I were Apple, and I was seriously contemplating using an x64 based system, I would make it my mission to have Windows apps just run. If Apple changes the rules on MS at perhaps their weakest moment in years, now that would be "just fun" to watch!