Monday, March 12, 2012 Ad Shows New Apple TV Had Different App Names

I was surprised to even see an ad for TV on Apple has barely been marketing TV, this seemed like a big deal.

Then I looked closer. The top three apps are named iTunes Movies, iTunes TV Shows, and iTunes Match! Click the ad, and at the full site you see the names as they actually are on the TV: Movies, TV Shows, and Music.

I have two theories. The marketing department intentionally changed the names to more clearly call attention to iTunes, or the new TV was going to ship with the iTunes derived names until a very late date and it slipped into marketing department.

Either way, and interesting alternate universe view in the new TV.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Fix Radar or GTFO (my duplicate rdar://10995271)

If you're a 3rd party Apple developer,  please go to Fix Radar or GTFO and follow the steps. My duplicate is rdar://10995271

Another blog post The psychology of Radar is broken is also worth your time reading.

This always amuses File a Radar

And the always amusing Radar or GTFO, which is of the always dapper Apple developer evangelist Michael Jurewitz. Note that Apple has never actually said "Radar or GTFO", it just became a joke meme that stuck.

I think we have Daniel Pasco @ Black Pixel to thank for really bringing this issue to a head in his blog post Radar or GTFO