Sunday, April 03, 2005

Google failed me, and MSN Search suprises

For the first time, Google has failed me. I am trying to outfit a room in my house with home theater seating, and my wife had seen La-Z-Boy has that seating. Since I didn't wan't to go through a hundred permutations of trying to hit upon the La-Z-Boy domain name, I did a quick Google search. Click this to see my query. You see, I thought La-Z-Boy was actually Lay-Z-Boy so Google didn't find their homepage. This seemed odd, so I decided to try MSN Search to see if it had this figured out. Click this to see the MSN query I ran. The La-Z-boy site is result 2. I clicked on the link and realized I had misspelled the La-Z-Boy name. I find this extrememly interesting because up until today Google search results I have found forgiving on mispelling and intuitive, but clearly MSN Search came out ahead here. I wonder what else MSN Search has that Google doesn't... La-Z-Boy