Friday, January 26, 2007

What Apple TV (formerly iTV) really means to the TV industry

Looks like I am no longer one of the few that understand that Apple TV represents Apple trying to disrupt another industry, not just attach to it like Tivo or MS Media Center. Alan Graham over on ZDNet has done the work that I intended and laid out how Apple TV could come out economically favorable as a replacement for cable/satellite TV. Today the Blackfriar's Marketing links to Alan's article, and reiterates that he might be on to something

No doubt, and it's amusing to me that sites like PVRWire is over-hyped, cause, OMG, it doesn't have a DVR! I guess that should be expected from a site like PVRWire, but do a little creative thinking. iTunes is your DVR! Forget about Tivo season passes, get an episode of whatever whenever you want. Don't feel like watching TV, don't pay for it. Apple TV makes it that simple. Apple TV is the only way to watch TV shows ala carte and have total freedom over where to do it. On your TV, on your iPod, on your laptop or desktop. I mean, the only legal way :). Again the primary inhibitor to going all Apple TV is no live events. WIth a HDD in the Apple TV, how long before Apple starts cutting deals to watch live streams over the net that you can see on your Apple TV? My money is on sometime this year.