Thursday, January 18, 2007

Full Video iPod still to come? *Shock*

When the iPhone was announced, people questioned if an Full iPod Video, the true holy grail of portable media players, would arrive from Apple. The cry was "but I just want a true video ipod with an 80 GB hard drive, I already have a phone".

I just had to chuckle because it seemed obvious to me that the version of OS X in the iPhone is going to be the platform for all future consumer electronics devices from Apple. Just think about this for a minute.
  • Apple has a multi-touch interface with a complete iPod software implementation
  • A large percentage of mobile phone customers are already locked into a contract
  • A large number of people buy iPods in addition to a mobile phone
  • No way Apple is going to make everyone that wants an MP3 player with video buy only an iPhone
So today MacRumors says the Full Video iPod is coming. Hold on, I just had to get back into my chair after falling on the floor from the shock... ;-)