Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Playstation 3...In Stock!

Update X2
Now this is really starting to get annoying. I was in a Wal-mart tonight and they had 3 Playstation 3s, all 60 GBs, but no Wiis! Also, I see stacks and stacks of Xbox 360s, I wonder what will happen to all of those if Microsoft announces the Xbox 360 v2?

I was in the Bridgewater Target last night. I stopped by the electronics department on the off chance they had a Wii (nope), but instead they had 3 20GB PS3s. I would say unbelievable, but I think demand has really started to crater for the PS3 if I see stock in 2 different places within a few days of each other.

Original Post
Last night I was out at a Toys "R" Us in Raritan, NJ looking for a Nintendo Wii and came away stunned to find 2 Playstation 3s in stock but no Wiis! By the time I left the store at 8:41 PM, both PS3s were unsold. One was the 20 GB model, the other was the 60 GB. I thought the rumors of unsold PS3s were just that, but seeing it in person is shocking. I did stop into this GameStop in Bridgewater, NJ and they had sold out of their stock of both Wiis and PS3s earlier on Friday (12/29), so I guess the PS3 isn't sitting unloved on all store shelves.