Friday, October 28, 2005

MSDN Subscription Transition Update

This is getting comical. The website I am supposed to use is still down, and at Len's suggestion, I sent an email to MSDN, which ended up being the MSDN Academic Alliance Program for North America. They responded with:
This is in response to your email regarding how you can change your subscription to gain access to the Team Edition. You have reached the MSDN Academic Alliance Program for North America, which is a different program from that of MSDN. For prompt access to services for MSDN customers in the United States, please use the following contact information: email: Phone: (800) 759-5474 Technical Support: 1 800-936-5800
My mistake, I scanned this page for the first email address I could find. So I send email to because its in the response I receive and then I get this back:
Hello, You have written to a Microsoft customer service e-mail address that is no longer monitored. If you have this e-mail address saved in your address book, please delete it. We no longer receive customer submissions through direct e-mail, rather through a Web form. Our Web form will help our customer service agents gather the required information from you in order to quickly resolve or address your inquiry. To submit your question or feedback, please visit and fill out the Web feedback form. A Microsoft Customer Service Representative will assist you within 24hours. Thank you, Customer Service
LOL. So I just submitted a request through a web form at the link in the 2nd email, we will see where this takes me.