Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why is my ThinkPad T40 groggy?

I can’t fathom why my IBM ThinkPad T40 takes so long to come out of sleep. It’s somewhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute before I the logon prompt! Seriously, this is one of the things about Mac laptops, like my PowerBook and iBook, that is make them such a joy to use. When you open the lid on either Mac laptop, OS X is usable at full speed in perhaps 3 seconds. It’s so fast you don’t even think about the time. This was one of the WOW moments when I showed my co-workers at the time how the iBook came out of sleep.

My previous ThinkPad, a T23, was much better about coming out of sleep, under 30 seconds, but nowhere near Mac laptop speed. So I don’t really get why the T40 takes so long. Yes, I have hibernation enabled, just in case I want to use it, but when I close the lid, XP is configured to go to sleep, not hibernate. Even if the ThinkPad is hibernating behind my back, I get no indicator this has taken place. The screen is completely black from the time I open the lid until I see the logon prompt. The status indicator on the bottom of the LCD for HD operation is dark, and the sleep icon remains lit.

If anyone has figured this out, drop me a comment. If it’s XP, I am probably screwed without a reinstall, but if anyone has a T40 and the laptop comes out of sleep quickly, let me know if you have ever had to do anything to make this work.