Monday, September 19, 2005

Stupid Xbox DVD Player

When I moved from CA back to NJ, somehow I lost my Xbox DVD Remote. I had been using the Xbox as my only DVD player since pretty much it came out, 4 years ago.

So instead of going right out and buying another remote, $29.99, I was sure it would turn up as I cleared boxes. Alas, no remote ever surfaced. In the meantime, I used one of those cheap Wal-mart portable DVD players, an ESA something, for like 6 months. The remote on this thing is terrible, you can never find the buttons when you want them, and finally I got tired of it and went to EB Games and got a previously used Xbox DVD Remote, $24.95, which works perfectly.

I can’t say the same for the Xbox DVD drive. The first DVD I tried playing on the Xbox was Willow, which I had got from Netflix. 3 chapters in, and the Xbox is locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Try skipping 4-5 chapters, same deal. Stupid POS Xbox!!! DVD has all kinds of light scratches on it all over the disc, and the Xbox has never liked any scratched discs. I want to watch the movie though, so then I go get the ESA player and plug that back into the TV, same thing, completely frozen.

My wife had the 14” iBook on the coffee table, so we threw the movie in there just to see if we could watch the flick, played perfectly without a hitch the entire way through. My point, obviously the Xbox and the ESA are using about the same quality DVD drive, low, while Apple is using something much higher. Thanks Apple.