Friday, October 24, 2008

iTimeZone 1.1 Released to the App Store

On Tuesday October 21, 2008, iTimeZone 1.1 was released to iTunes App Store. This was actually a shock, since I had been reading from other iPhone developers that approval times where somewhere between 1-2 weeks. iTimeZone 1.1 was approved in 33 hours! This was such a surprise, that I hadn't done anything on the Tangerine Element site to document the release. I was scrambling around on Wednesday in my spare time to get it done, and it took me a bit of discovery to use the Apple approved App Store logo (seen left) instead of the App Store iPhone icon I was using since launch.

As for what new or different in iTimeZone 1.1, you can visit the product page or other posts on the blog: