Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Got AN Xbox 360 back

2 weeks ago (Saturday February 23, 2008) I got AN Xbox 360 back, but it wasn't mine. I got my original Xbox 360 in April 2006, reviewed it on June 21, 2006 and updated my original review on August 03, 2006. I just got back an Xbox 360 with a manufacture date of July 2006! How is this going to solve the Red Ring of Death problem for me long term? Since the manufacturing problems didn't become public until June 2007 (I blogged about a recall in July 2007), how is a 3-4 month newer manufactured console going to solve this problem permanently for me? I think the obvious answer is that it is not, or MS knew long before they said that boxes were breaking. I know people with boxes that died which were made in the timeframe I just got mine from. Unless of course the manufacture date is misleading and the internals are new, but aren't there laws for this sort of thing? I will say this, it is certainly quieter than my original box, like this one is like a jet sitting at the gate, and my original is like a jet at takeoff. Complaints aside, and the reason it took me a couple weeks to post, was that I hadn't seriously exercised the machine until today with a 2 hour Half-Life 2 play session. The box seems fine, and I didn't lose any of my content, I can still access all of it. So no more horror stories, for now, with my Xbox 360.