Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Monetary Experiment: I added a Tip Jar/Donation button

I have advertising on the blog as an experiment in monetization. I write about stuff that interest me when I think I have something interesting to say. I never expected to make money off of it, and certainly didn't start with any way to make money from the blog, but I added Google Adsense ads to see if I would earn some coin for doing what I was going to do already, which was write. By the end of March 2008, or the beginning of April 2008, I will get my first revenue from Google. This is not earth shattering, it will not cover my costs for the blog so far, which are for:

I did some analysis of the posts vs. revenue from 2007, and the one interesting thing I found was that the # of posts did not necessarily correlate to ad revenue:

So it it was more scientific curiosity on blog monetization that I add a Tip Jar via PayPal Donation:

If you would like to give me a, well, tip because you liked what I wrote or it helped you in some way, that would be fantastic. I'll share how that goes at some point in the future.