Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Microsoft should recall the Xbox 360

I just read Newsweek's Level Up: Confession is Good For the Soul: Why Microsoft Must Be More Forthcoming About the Xbox 360's Flaws--Or Initiate a Recall by N'Gai Croal. First, Level Up has become one of my favorite gaming news sites. Everything N'Gai Croal says in the linked article is true. I have been telling friends for weeks now that I have been laying off the Xbox 360 out of fear that the device would break before I got a chance to play Halo 3. Every Guitar Hero II session has been accompanied by the thought that this could be the time when the box dies with the Red Ring of Death. A friend of mine's 360 pulled up lame last October with the Red Ring of Death, a mere 4 months after purchase. My 360 is 15 months old, but it hasn't died on me. Put the problems aren't limited to just the Red Ring of Death. Another friend whose Xbox 360 is 9 moths old, yesterday decided to stop playing games for her. No Red Ring of Death, but still this could happen to me and unless I convinced customer service to replace the 360, I would never play Halo 3 because I am not buying another console from Microsoft with these amount of problems. The 3 year warranty is not good enough for just the Red Ring of Death issue, it should cover all hardware failure. Not to mention the disc scratching issues. Everyone I know that has a 360 has some level of disc scratching and the consoles never move, they are completely stationary. If the 360 dies, I will either get a PS3 or just stick with the Wii. I can certainly find enough games to play without a 360, but it would kinda break my heart to never play Halo 3.