Friday, July 20, 2007

iPhone Tip #002: Skipping tracks without touching the iPhone

iPhone HeadsetIf you have the iPhone, you pretty much have to use the included headset since the jack is recessed in the body. This is no problem for me, I have been using the Apple provided headsets (earbuds) for a while, even eBaying my Shure earphones because I was constantly losing pads.

So why are the Apple earphones beneficial? Here is the uses I have found, and the best one skipping tracks forward while using the iPod:

  • Phone - Single-Click - End Calls
  • iPod - Single-Click - Play/Pause currently selected song
  • iPod - Double-Click - Skip to the next song in your playlist

This is typical Apple. Take the old style iPod remote, that attached to the earbuds and was always more a hassle than necessary to actually remember to bring and use, and whittle it down to just the essential features, Play/Pause and Skip to the next song.

One more thing, you can change the volume of the song that is playing in the iPod on the iPhone with the volume rocker on the side of the iPhone without unlocking the iPhone. Another nice touch.

Anyone else know any other tricks the iPhone headset does?