Thursday, March 29, 2007

iTunes Store quietly launches Complete My Album

Macrumors (aside: this is true, so why is it on Macrumors ;-)) repors that iTunes added a Complete My Album feature! Looks like the report in the NYTimes that I posted and commented about was a lot closer than anyone thought. I kinda dispute Macrumors saying this launched on Tuesday, I mean I logged on and you couldn't see the button on the left (click to Complete Your Albums), but maybe it was enabled if you stumbled on albums you previously bought a single from.

Anyway, when I click on the button, you see a list of all the albums that are eligible for the discounted Complete My Album price. I have 65 listed. See this where you get the details of the deal:
  • Even though I have 65 albums eligible, there is some double counting with special album editions vs. standard, or explicit vs. clean. Cool, I like that level of flexibility
  • Completing all your previous albums is a (as pictured) limited time offer. All my eligible albums price amnesty expires on June 26, 2007.
  • For albums you buy from now forward, you have 6 months to complete the album and get the discount.
  • The discount is a straight subtraction (or at least it appears to me) of the single price off the album price
  • Not sure if when you browse the store you are always offered the Complete My Album price or if you have to go through the special Complete My Album section of the store. Right now, it looks like you have to go through the special list through the Complete My Album link.
However, I still found a hole in the Complete My Album experience which I would love to see fixed. I bought The Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want off of the Let It Bleed album (cover art pictured). It's a great rock song and I picked it up after never being a Stones fan because I heard it in the Season 1 finale of House (uh hello, iTunes Store, time to add House to TV Shows for download). This is what the song list looks like when in Complete My Album:

But then I was looking through the rest of the eligible albums, and I saw Hot Rocks 1964-1971 because I bought Paint It Black. But what's this, on Hot Rocks is also You Can't Always Get What You Want, but I don't receive credit for this song on Hot Rocks! See for yourself:

I know, that's different albums, this is called Complete My Album, not Complete My Collection, but it would be great if they extended this to credit you on greatest hits type albums, which Hot Rocks clearly is, as well as regular albums. Perhaps I ask to much, but this is a great improvement. As soon as I am in the office, I am grabbing the rest of Dummy by Portishead.