Monday, March 26, 2007

Apple to offer credits for albums where a single has been purchased

Just say this NY Times articles The Album, a commodity in disfavor where the following is detailed.
At the same time, the industry is straining to shore up the album as long as possible, in part by prodding listeners who buy one song to purchase the rest of a collection. Apple, in consultation with several labels, has been planning to offer iTunes users credit for songs they have already purchased if they then choose to buy the associated album in a certain period of time, according to people involved in the negotiations. (Under Apple’s current practice, customers who buy a song and then the related album effectively pay for the song twice). But some analysts say they doubt that such promotions can reverse the trend.

I agree in that I don't think you can reverse the trend of consumers buying singles, but you can stop some of the bleeding. On multiple occasions, I would have "upgraded" to complete album if I weren't double paying for the 1 to N songs I had already bought. The same concept needs to apply to TV Show season passes or after seasons have completed. I have bought a few episodes of The Office this season from iTunes, and with Apple TV now, I might be included to upgrade to the full season, but there is no way I am paying again for those episodes, so I do nothing. And time bombing the discount to album upgrades is wrong headed. I could understand making it more enticing to consumers by making the discount for people that already own a single to buy the full album bigger, say $7.99 for the next month, but then it should revert to straight deduction of the single costs, so $8.99 using typical pricing.