Saturday, September 02, 2006

More Blogger Beta Problems

I just had a bear of a time getting Leaked Vista Pricing vs. OS X pricing to get posted all the way through Blogger Beta. It's finally done, but putting that out took far longer then it should have.

First, I had to turn off Convert Line Breaks for the blog when creating new posts to get the tables to show up, I mean blogger was just stripping everything out of the rest of the post. This was after I started doctoring the tables I already had created with nicer layouts in Dreamweaver to the simplest table definitions possible.
After the tables started showing up, I debugged through multiple post cycles that the appearance of any question marks or colons in normal text cause the parsing enging to stop displaying any text past that point, including tables after the first table displaying past the first colon.

Since I signed up for the beta, where can I provide this feedback (notice I can't use a question mark here). I looked, there is nothing obvious. Why did I sign up for this again (question mark)