Monday, September 18, 2006

iPod Tip: Using the Equalizer

One part of the iPod user interface that has always been mysterious to me, and thus is really a design flaw, is the equalizer setting, EQ for short. No I am not talking about being able to adjust various iPod equalizer settings outside of the presets, nor am I talking about a visual equalizer, cool as Apple might make that look.
No I am talking about knowing that the equalizer setting I configured on a song in iTunes is being using by the iPod. I always took the iPod UI to mean the EQ was either Off, Flat (normalize everything to flat sounding), or a specific preset which overrode your song setting, I never understood any of the EQ settings to mean use the iTunes setting. Well this Apple Support article clears up my confusion. This is the summary of Eq settings
  • Off - EQ is not used. Songs songs as they were encoded
  • Flat - Songs without and iTunes setting play as they were encoded, if you have an iTunes setting the iPod uses it. JACKPOT
  • Other - Songs without a setting use the iPods setting, songs with an EQ setting use that, though you can override that per song if you go into the EQ setting and select a preset while the song is playing
Note: Using the EQ on the iPod drains your battery faster than normal.