Monday, August 07, 2006

WWDC Eve == Christmas Eve

Anyone that follows Apple, and probably most in the tech world, know that the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) starts tomorrow, and Steve Job's Keynote starts at 1 PM Eastern Time. Take a look at the rumors at MacSurfer, the buzz is palpable. I am not going to engage in the rampant speculation going on, you can see a large collection of it on MacSurfer, but it really is just like Christmas Eve. I had seriously considered going on my own dime to the WWDC this year, would have been my first time, to see the keynote and soak in all the developer knowledge because of the Leopard showing, but the expense was just to great if I wanted to have any coin left over to buy whatever wonders Jobs unveils tomorrow. It doesn't help when someone like Robert Scoble, who has an in-law that works at Apple, pours gasoline on the fire with this in a post on Vista not being ready:
Huh? I believe Vista DOES make our computing lives easier. The desktop search features are a huge advance. The multimedia capabilities are WORLDS ahead of anything else I’ve used. And the Tablet PC, Speech Recognition, and Media Center stuff that’s in there is WORLDS ahead of Apple. Although watch Apple in a week. Hint hint.
I just wish Apple was streaming the event live, realistically I won't know anything until 2-3 PM EST, oh the agony...