Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Microsoft Buys Sysinternals

As I have mentioned before, Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals is a hero of mine, demonstrating the deepest technical knowledge of MS Windows that I myself had once aspired to. His tools have helped me out of countless problems with Windows, and it was always a mystery to my why Microsoft didn't gooble up Mark and his business partner Bryce Cogswell because they so obviously loved Windows and built needed software for the platform. Well that day has come and Mark blogged it.. I greatly admire what these guys have done and I am very happy for Mark and Bryce. However, I have deep concerns about ongoing availability and improvement of the Sysinternals tools which MS now owns. MS doesn't know ultimately how those are going to get packaged, where you can get them from, but its clear it won't be on Sysinternals indefinitely. The MS machine is going to absorb them, and I have no faith that it won't become another PowerToys or ResourceKit debacle. A lot of people, dare I say millions of people, really depend on these tools to succesfully manage Windows and it would be a real shame if Mark and Bryce stopped working on these, or they weren't released/updated as often. I can only hope that MS does the right thing.