Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Best Xbox 360 Scam Ever

Since it's nearly February, I thought I would drop into a few stores and see what the availability/demand were for the Xbox 360. I have seen comments on various blogs which equate paltry supply for massive demand (obvious falicy), but I am curious to see what actual demand is like versus supply. I first stoped into the EB Games in Bridgewater Commons mall. They had 4 Xbox 360 Core Systems late on a Friday night, so it was safe to say those systems weren't going to move until Saturday or later, very suprising to me. Either people have stopped looking because of the anemic supply, or demand has evaporated like water in the dessert. They had no Premium systems though. Yesterday I stopped into Rock & Soul, a music and electronics store on 7th Aveneue between 35th and 36th Streets in New York. I asked if they had Xbox 360 Premium systems, he said they did. I asked how much, he said normal retail, $399. Here is the kicker though, you had to buy 4 Xbox CLASSIC games to take home the 360. Best Xbox 360 Scam Ever!