Friday, May 27, 2016

TL;DR Wil Shipley: Keep Calm and Swift On

Keep Calm and Swift On 300x337I couldn’t agree more with Wil Shipley’s post on Swift and Dynamism. All the likes, stars, favs, or hearts wouldn’t be enough. 

You should read it for the entertainment value alone.

In Chris Lattner I Trust!

Is ABI compatibility missing Swift 3.0 annoying? Absolutely.

Is Swift 3.0 source compatibility going to be a time sink with chicken and egg library problems? Yep.

I’m sure dynamism is coming to Swift 3.x or 4 and I’m confident the teams and the community will improve on what Cocoa's had since 1988. Swift is the next 30+ years of Apple developer tooling and platforms. It’s almost insulting to the teams to suggest they aren’t being thoughtful.

Hapuna Matata, because in the coming on 2 years I’ve been using Swift it's saved me so much time with fewer bugs and easier to read code.