Friday, June 01, 2012

iReality: The promise of iPad like fun, the delivery of Windows Vista fail

IMG 0742
IMG 0739Was on the way to Great Grandma's house and stopped at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY because of heavy traffic. Wandering around looking for a way for the kids to burn off some energy and what do we find but a small cluster of motion rides.

The heavy hitter was the iReality. It takes some serious arrogance for a mall ride to claim The World's First FULLY Interactive Simulator. Even better, it's blatantly using the iPad to sell this as a ride of the future.

Of course, kids were all over it, and mine were clamoring for a ride. I swing around the side and what do I see but Windows Vista! A classic bait and switch.

Not only is this "ride" not using anything resembling Apple technology, but what's this, the software has crashed and is showing a DOS prompt. DOS, the future is yesterday.

Ducking inside to look closer at the screen, I see that some script is caught in an infinite loop waiting to receive a message from a network service that never answers. I was laughing to hard to take a more clear photo.

So glad I couldn't give these clowns $2.

IMG 0741