Tuesday, September 06, 2011

QuickTime X on OS X Lion 10.7 Been Acting Like It's Possessed By A Mischievous Spirit? Here's The Fix.


  • QuickTime Player window titles been unclickable?
  • Control HUD unmovable?
  • Creating screen recordings all but impossible?

Then call the QuickTime X Busters! We're ready to believe you!

The ectoplasmic residue that's been haunting your Lion install is the QuickTime Player X Preference Pane and the preferences it created. Back in the OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard days, this handy utility gave you the ability to configure certain hidden preferences that you might like, such as automatically playing a video once the file is opened.

This utility, as developer Megabyte Computing Solutions says is 10.6 only, but that doesn't help when doing an inlace upgrade. To fix QuickTime Player in Lion then, you need to trash the preference pane and any old preference files in ~/Library/Preferences. Quit and open QuickTime Player if it was running and BOOM, no more busted QuickTime Player.

I'd chalked up this behavior to simple beta and then 10.7.0 bugs. But it finally occurred to me today that there is no way  ships QuickTime Player in Lion that busted, then I figured this out.