Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Not To Advertise Fake iPads By Staples

My wife recently decided she needed a new hobby, so she started couponing. This means quickly acquiring these things called "newspapers" on Sunday made from dead tree parts and butchering them with sharp tools into tiny squares that you hand over to someone at a physical store. For this ritual sacrifice, they take money off the price of their goods. I know right, sounds so archaic, but at least it wasn't knitting!

Anyway, in the stack of coupon leaflets there was an ad created by Staples to sell fake iPads. Here is it in all it's "glory":

Staples Ad
Click/tap for bigger version

Let's take this apart:

  1. Adobe Flash enabled for a true Web experience...of frustratingly choppy video, browser crashes, and unplayable games.
  2. Run multiple programs for true multi-tasking...Tablets run Apps, this isn't Windows. How do I download programs for my Tablet?!?
  3. Front- and rear-facing cameras let you stay connected...When did Front gain a trailing dash? So the WiFi doesn't get us "connected"? How does a connection over a camera work?
  4. Play movies, music and games on the go...Isn't this like when advertising a new car saying "comes with tires".

Other observations & questions from a regular buyer's perspective:

  • Why is 7" Playbook more expensive then the Acer 10.1"?
  • Who at Motorola thought putting WiFi in the XOOM logo was a good idea?
  • Playbook doesn't have Dual-core or Google?
  • Is Acer's tablet called the Acer or the fine print Acer Iconia Tab? Is there a soft drink tie-in?
  • Where's the weight and thickness of any of these tablets?
  • Does wirelessly syncing the Playbook with a Blackberry phone cost something?

All TOO easy!