Monday, January 12, 2009

iTimeZone 1.2 Released to the App Store

On Monday January 12, 2009, iTimeZone 1.2 was released to the iTunes App Store. Here is the list of what's new or changed. We are already investigating features and UX enhancements for iTimeZone 1.3 (or is it 2.0?), but as has become Tangerine Element's custom, features and changes won't be announced until they are done and being tested or in App Store review. Some changes are still being trickled out (screenshots in App Store, Tangerine Element site revision), but should all be done by tomorrow.

What Can Be Learned From Rejection?
Due to the change in UITableView's expectations for numberofRowsInSection and the bug because of it not being caught in testing, the first time iTimeZone 1.2 was submitted for approval, it was rejected! This was the first time a submission of iTimeZone was rejected. It was interesting because it showed that people are manually testing and approving applications. I had thought it was a 50/50 shot the apps were being run through a battery of automated tests and maybe manually running it on the device, then you got approved if it all passed. It was clear though from the iTimeZone 1.2 rejection evaluators are actually using the app, and providing crash logs if needed. How nice!