Thursday, May 10, 2007

Don't get screwed buying Marvel Ultimate Alliance for Xbox 360

If like me you got Marvel Ultimate Alliance for Xbox 360 when it came out in Late 2006, the cover of the game looks like the image on the left. You can still buy this version on, but I would recommend against it. If you want the full game, you would then have to buy the downloadable content for another 800 MS Points/$10. Amazon has the game listed for $49.99 right now, but you can't resell downloadable content. Why does this matter?

On May 15, 2007, you can buy the Gold Edition for normal Xbox 360 game retail price of $59.99, but the kicker is it includes the downloadable content. Nice MS and Activision, charge the customers who bought the game in the first place for a few new characters, and then give away that content at the same price I originally paid for the game. If I wanted to eBay my Original Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I really love having to compete with the eventual Gold Edition sellers.