Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today's Top Windows Annoyance: Restarts

I installed the Windows Live Messenger Beta Refresh just a few minutes ago. First problem, Windows was patching itself so I couldn't install this, seriously how messed up is that. I can't run > 1 installer at a time that uses Windows Installer, its like we are back in DOS. Once I could get the Windows Live Messenger running, there are is all of this crap that I have to OPT-OUT of, desktop and quick launch garbage icons, some Windows Live ID Assistant (how the @!%@ am I supposed to know if I should install this, very little information about, guess I will install it, weeeee!), and Rhapsody music service (what?!!! I thought I was installing an IM client, no way). I unselect all but the assistant, the installer churns for a while, and then, what for it, that's right, I have to reboot even thought I quit the running instance of the old Windows Live Messenger Beta (that name sucks btw, give me MSN Messenger) before kicking off the install. I am pissed because I got to close down everything, I NEVER reboot any computer (Mac or PC) unless an OS patch requires, and a f'ing IM client should NEVER force a system reboot, that's insane. Then I remember that Apple has an new ad called Restarting as part of the Get A Mac campaign and I start to laugh because I have just been hit by the PC restarting problem. For the record Microsoft Messenger for the Mac does not require a restart. I highly recommend checking out Apple's Get A Mac site and watching all the ads, they are amusing.