Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Madden 2006 PSP Final Solution to Franchise Mode bugs

EA posted on 12/19/2005 the Long Term PSP Solution to the Franchise Mode bugs in Madden 2006 PSP. They are going to replace the existing discs for free and give you some coupons to spend more money with EA through their online store. LOL. I will be surely be sending the current version of Madden back for the new bits, once my Franchise hit the playoffs and the previous work around for the franchise mode stops working, I just got tired of the crashes and gave up after I "won" the Super Bowl. The saddest thing about this whole experience is that my NY Football Giants might be out of the playoffs before I get the game back from EA (see the details of the long term fix for the timeline). I wonder if I send in the game am I implicitely letting EA off the hook for liability if they ever got slappd with a lawsuit for these shenanigans. Oh well, at least I can ebay Madden 2006 PSP SP1 and advertise it like that...oh, and it took EA 2 months from the last official update to get a new build out and post the final solution in their forums. LAME.