Tuesday, June 28, 2005

King Kong Trailer

The new King Kong Trailer is out. I watched it twice off the DirecTV Tivo and once off the net (link is to the large version I watched). I am not that impressed. The dinosaurs don't seem to be up to Jurassic Park quality, very CGI in the Kong trailer, and Kong himself looks very CGI. Golem looked better all the time. Let's hope the effects improve before December. The other thing my wife noticed is, where is Kong in the first half of the trailer? Why should I pay attention to this trailer about a director looking for an acctress, I thought we were watching a trailer about King Kong! Maybe we were just too impatient, but I might have edited the trailer different. Also, who decided to reuse the orcs from Lord of the Rings? I don't know I would have done anything different, but even some camera angles approach dirty humanoids with teeth bared seemed like you could have lifted it straight out of The Two Towers.